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What is GetRentalz?

Your Company Branded Vacation Rental Website

GetRentalz is a travel-tech product that provides travel advisors with a private-label booking solution to allowing you to offer clients a tremendous selection of professionally managed vacation rental properties. 

With our solutions, travel advisors, travel management companies, and travel-related brands finally are able to earn lucrative commissions from the fastest-growing segment in travel - privately owned vacation rental properties.  

By deploying a GetRentalz booking solution, you will finally have access to the elusive vacation homes, condos and villas.


Innovation-Driven Bookings

GetRentalz allows travel agents, industry professionals and affiliate marketers to provide their clients with access to a tremendous selection of professionally managed short-term rental properties.

Your customers will receive a consistently better booking experience as 100% of the properties are managed by a local rental company. Plus, your clients will pay around 10-20% less than popular national booking sites. Our solutions range from earning passive income with affiliate links to full private-labeled booking solutions.

At a Glance




Professionally managed short-term rental homes, condos and villas in North/Central America, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Curated quality of care for valued guests.



Our expert team has been helping property managers and homeowners with innovative property marketing and distribution solutions since 2003.

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